Amplifier and speakers for 4-channel zero-latency audio in/out


2019-12-02 1:33 am
I am working on a project that requires transmitting audio from 4 speakers with minimal latency.

My current setup uses a Maya44 USB+ ESI - MAYA44 USB+ connected to 4 JBL-Go speakers.

However, I have discovered that the JBL-Go digitizes is the analogue audio input, and introduces a variable latency of up to 32 (and maybe beyond) samples.

I need to avoid any digitisation between the soundcard output and the speaker.

Ideally I'm looking for an analog amplifier that can take 4 inputs, producing 4 outputs, then I need to wire each output to a tweeter.

Can anyone recommend how I might go about sourcing such an amplifier? Can anyone recommend a particular amplifier model?