Ampeg "Maroon" Capacitor Value

Ampeg "Maroon" Capacitor Value

I've got an Ampeg B-1 rack-mount bass guitar amp with a group of 6 "Maroon" ( looks like Nichicon, not maroon colored) radial capacitors that I want to replace.

They say "200v 3 3uf".
What value are they: 3uf, 3.3uf, 33uf, or 3000uf?

I have two Ampeg amps, and none of the other "Maroon" capacitors are coded. They're like, "35v 3300uf", for instance.

Thanks in advance.
Looking at the B-1 drawings I have, I don't see anything that would correspond. Where are these caps located on the board? I am looking from the front with tubes at left rear. In the parts list there are a few 330pf discs. There are no other caps with 3s in the value that I can see. There are not six of anything in a group that I can spot.
Ampeg B-1 capacitor values ( Marcon )

Thanks for the reply! Apparently the caps are "Marcon" in cursive writing, I thought it was "Maroon".

The 6 caps in question are on the power-amp's pc board. They're right by the tapering part of it, where the board tapers to make room for the torriodal transformer. There are 3 in a row, and there's another 3 real close, that are separated in two places by a couple of resistors. They're polarized, radial resistors, probably snap-ins like the rest.

I don't know how to test them, but I could do that, since I'm gonna replace them anyway.