amp10b 2,7Vdc on outputs

I've juist built my AMP10b and started testing it with a 2x25V 225VA transformer (which gives me aprox. 37Vdc). The inputs aren't shorted and I'm measuring 2,7Vdc on both outputs (and a 5,1Vac). For pictures of the board see here (5mb zipfile).

If you saw the pictures and are familiar with the AMP10b, you can see that I haven't put in the LED resistors R6 and R7 and that the inputcaps aren't as of yet in place. I'm waiting with the LEDs, because I don't know if I want to use them and the inputcaps are too large (claritycap 3,3uf) to fit on the PCB) to install them just yet.

I'm quite sure I haven't got any of the components wrong, but due to a misread by me on the 41hz forum I removed the 22k feedback resistors (R3, R4, R43 and R44). I'm currently trying to get those back in place.


2007-11-06 6:47 pm
I STRONGLY ADVISE you to just stick with the "general use" gain settings, I've lost 5 chips because of using the high sensitivity setting with voltages similar to your's.

As far as DC on the outputs goes, you need to stick your multimeter probes into the speaker output (as you've already done) and while they are there trim the little blue trimmer pot. There is one pot for each channel, and you should be able to get it to about 0.01V with some patience.

Hope this helps!
I've got some thinpoint tweezers ;)

I think I've put in the 8.2k's at R31 etc. (bottom of the PCB). But I'm using a 2x25v 225VA transformer, resulting in (last time I checked) +/-37Vdc on the board. I suppose that'll drop as soon the amp is actually working, but I thought I should ask since you mention that I should use 10k's for +/-27-35Vdc...