Amp reccomendations?

Which Pass amp would you reccommend to power a full range speaker system; each speaker consisting of a Raven R1 Tweeter, 2 4.5 Eton Mids and 2 Seas 8" Woofers. It has a sensitivity of 93dB, in 6-8 ohms. (Don't remember off the top of my head).

Monoblocks are fine with me.

I wish

Being a starving student, (with an expensive hobby), I would have to sell one of my kidney's to be able to afford that

. . . anyone know the going rate for a good kidney???

How about a good diy amp, such as the aleph 5? Is this well suited for a full range speaker in a HT/music environment.

hmm.. 93dB sensetivity is decent - you may not need so much power depending on how loud you like to listen. I spent some time contemplating Aleph 3, Aleph 5, and Grey Rollins' Aleph-X (not quite the same as a real X amp, but till The Man himself releases a DIY X-amp schematic, I think we can make due, especially since the Aleph-X has had a good deal of input and guidance from Zen Master Pass :D ). I finally settled on the Aleph-X... just waiting for parts now, and the time to actually assemble it!

If you're feeling adventurous, the Aleph-X looks pretty good, and <i>should</i> sound better than the '5, but it's takes a bit of faith to wander into such freshly charted territory. If your engineering skills aren't up to the challenge of tackling a brand-new design, you will probably want to stick with a proven amp. check out mefinnis' Aleph 5 thread... very nicely built, and he's got a good source for affordable heatsinks.

Any way you go, I'm sure you won't be disappointed with any of the Alephs.
If I earn good $$$, I might buy one of Pass X amps.

Otherwise, I would go for diy amp of nice sound. If this
is possible by a simple design and easy construction, I would take it.
Furthermore, if the design is by Pass, ...

Why not Zen V2 or V4?
O?... Yes, I do recommend them unless Pass insists
on Aleph 2 for matching with your speakers.

Hope this will help.