amp problem


2005-06-09 11:23 pm
I just tried too plug in a new pedal to test it out and got shocked, I tried another cord to be sure, another shock, unplugged the pedal to see if it was that, but nope the head is giving off current from the plugins, it's an old kustom 250 bass head, anybody have an idea?
On older gear with two-wire power cords, ther was usually either a polarity switch, or the powr switch had two ON positions. By switching the polarity or using hte other ON positioin you could usually eliminate shocks.


That was when there were not a lot of grounded outlets. Now they all are. So the best thing to do is replace the old power cord with a three-wire grounded one.
3-wire power cord mod

That is hands down the best choice but you may experience some other problems after you do that. If all your filter/coupling caps are in good shape, good to go. If not, you find yourself replacing a few of them. Put that new cord on before you get a really nasty shock. You humm-reducer switch should still work, if your amp has one.