Amp not playing as loud any more


2011-09-12 10:43 pm
I have a Theta Digital Dreadnaught amp that is probably from 1999. I purchased it around 2003. I use to play it around -17 DB about 4 years ago and it was plenty loud. A couple of years ago I noticed I had to play it around 15 db to get the same relative loudness. Now it seems to get the same loudness it needs to be about 13 DB.

I don't think I'm going deaf because I can still hear conversations and TV running at the same level as always.

So my question is something wearing out due to the age of the amplifier? Any idea what it may be? Is this something common when the caps or something needs to be replaced. I suppose it could also be the sound processor that may be having issues. It's four year old. Any clue where I would start the troubleshooting would be appreciated.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
I would doubt anything is wearing out :)

The gain of any analogue stages such as a power amp are set by just a couple of components (that determine the feedback factor) and its unheard of really for there to be problems like the gain being wrong.

Digital processing is another matter but what you describe doesn't really fit normal fault patterns.

I suspect it will be just as it always has been tbh and that perhaps your perception has changed. And has your system and room remained unchanged over the years.

I guess the only way to prove it would be to compare the max output vs the rated input sensitivities but thats easier said than done without known correct data.