Amp Installation/Old School Amp/Cheater Amp Help


2013-04-02 9:28 pm
Hi everyone well,

I have a Lanzar optidrive plus 100 pwm
As ive been told its an old school amp.
It was my dads and i have no idea on what I can do this baby.

What do i need to connect this amp to his sub as all this was my dads.
I have no idea what wire guage I need and how much power I can get out of it.

I think this is also known as a cheater amp

well basically I just want this baby connected and working well
how can I connect this amp and like i said what wire guage should I use?

Also Im new to this forum so if i posted this in the wrong section please let me know and i will ask in the right one
Im also new to all this car audio stuff so i can use all the help i can get

Thank You:)
Welcome to the forum. I'm no expert but 16 -Gauge 2 Conductor Lamp Wire from your local hardware store ought to do you fine. They usually sell it by the foot. You could probably get by with 18 -Gauge 2 Conductor Lamp Wire even. You are talking about the wire to connect the speaker to the amp - right?

Deadly Sones

2011-02-17 1:46 pm
Welcome to the forum. Personally I'd use something around 8ga (or even 4ga) for the power and ground wires. Get a decent 80amp inline fuse and put it within 6-18" from battery and try to keep the ground as short as possible. I personally WOULD NOT use lamp wire... your choice. ;)
From what I could find on this amp, it appears to have a relatively weak power supply. A 40 amp MAXI fuse is likely enough to allow you to use the amp at full power and offer reasonable protection.

An 80 amp fuse is too large for 8g wire. 50 amps is about as large as you can safely use with 8g.

If you don't intend to use any other amps or to upgrade in the future, 8g is probably good enough for the power and ground. If you intend to upgrade or add other amps, I'd suggest using 4g with a 125 amp fuse at the battery and a fused distribution block near the amps. You'd install a 40 amp fuse for this amp in the distribution block.