Amp enclosure help

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I'm looking to build a small valve amp AND am looking to also build the enclosure.

I'd like to build something similar(aesthetically) to the orange dark terror amps as can be seen here:



To me it looks like a 1u 1/2 rack on the bottom with the cage and front plate added on top.

So anyone have any suggestions on how to replicate this?

the bottom (control) part is not so bad it's more the top slotted part that I am finding difficult to source.

(Sorry if this is in the wrong forum{possible parts?} please move if required)
Any suggestions?

Many thanks.
Last edited: of Ithaca, NY has been discussed on I haven't used them, I have enough junk stainless motor drive enclosures to build a dozen projects. And I don't have an imported digital camera, so there is nobody who cares what my projects look like. Your project will look better, mine will play music while I am wasting time on the internet.
Diyaudio store below in the vendor forums has an italian manufactured enclosure usually in stock.
I wouldn't try bending up something do it yourself. I have had access to Jet brand press brakes and shears at work, they are totally incompetent at working anything thicker than 18 ga brass. The real thing in brakes and shears are about $5000 each used, probably worn out. I do cut holes in sheet metal with greenlea punches and square holes with drills holes connected by a carbide hacksaw blade. Drill bits over 1/2" diameter (14mm) tear up the sheet metal too much without a lot of special tricks.
Factories use enclosures from Hoffman manufacturing. Nema 12 looks like factory **** but is tough enough and can be screwed to the wall. Don't use the plastic models for linear audio, RF interferance can get in. You can cut up metal mesh for holes for fans with a cutoff wheel on a 4 1/2" grinder. Use safetyglasses doing metalwork. I put nylon bats behind the grills to filter dust out of the air on the fan inlet, something even pro PA gear doesn't have. I get the air filter material and stainless mesh from, along with boxes of machine screws and nuts, cordgrips, Nema LE laminate for point to point wiring, etc.
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me..? I would also use plywood
You must not have anybody driving by beeping out "Dixie" continually on his CB or ham radio, when he is not bragging about his equipment with the microphone. No lamp dimmers, computers with switcher power supplies, LED lamp strings in your house. Maybe your house is sheathed in aluminum siding, to be a Faraday cage. The Peavey, Hammond Clock Co., and Dynakit equipment is well protected against RF, but I had to extensively rework the Herald Electronics mixer to keep RF from getting in the steel box and going out to the amp to be heard.
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Depending on budget, and what metalworking tools you have you may be able to source the bottom enclosure fairly easily, and get the top cage fabricated. Here is another resource for custom metal that is quite unique. You do the design work with their software, upload the final drawing with a request to quote and they can fabricate it directly from the file.
Custom Electronic Enclosures for Engineers and Designers
Thanks for the suggestions.

It looks like to achieve the look I want, will require custom metal work.

So at the moment it will just be built onto a standard chassis.

The black terror seems to have divided opinion, it really appeals to me. Probably something to do with function first, or just the simplicity of it.

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