Amp + Crossover Recommendations?


2013-04-12 9:06 pm

Was just after a little bit of help from you knowledgeable people if at all possible..

I've currently got a pair of Peavey Pro 15 mk2's running off a QTX Sound Pro 1000 amp (I get the feeling this is a pretty cheap amp..)

Looking to add some more bass, so going to be constructing some folded HD15 style horns; so am after a crossover and an amp to power them.

With regards to the crossover, I really don't need anything fancy just something affordable that will sound okay. Looking at the CITRONIC CX23 (perhaps the CX34?) they seem to be quite affordable (especially at B-stock/second hand) little worried about the quality at that price too. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Also then looking at the Behringer EP2500 which despite the company's reputation seems to have some solid reviews and power.

How do you think this this system would sound, so two peavey pro 15's , with two 15" folded horns with the behringer, crossedover with the cx23?

Also any recommendations of a X/O frequency ?
Any tips or help are very much appreciated..

many thanks all