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Amanero Isolator/Reclocker GB

@acko - just curious about usage of the BBB-DSD cape. I'm about to use mine that I acquired a few years back. The power connection can use a momentary switch, correct? Also, is it still necessary to use a backup 1S lipo battery with this cape? I believe your BBB-i2s cape needed the battery, or at least it was recommended for usage. And finally, with 5v power applied and the switch in use, the BBB won't turn on unless the button is pressed, correct? I'm just crossing all my Ts before getting this project finally going.


Saw you pm also, a pinch late to respond - the BBB boots up automatically from its eMMC when power is applied. No AT type switches required. You can use the cape without battery but if no backup battery used the you must manually power down so as not to corrupt/damage the ‘disk’. If backup battery is used then you can either manually shut down as above or simply pull the plug. The uC on the cape initiates a safe shutdown if power is removed. Hope this helps. The manual has further details.