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Hi all, up for sale is my Altmann BYOB amplifier which is all original except for the potentiometer which I upgraded to a TKD 2P-2511S Stereo volume control with stepped action. Not pictured, but included, is the cable for connection to a 12 V car battery. I am asking Euro 1000 for the amp and cable.

In addition I have the Altmann BYOB Attraction DAC will all extras included, e.g. Jisco and from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz. This DAC was upgraded by Paul Hynes with improved voltage regulators, and I will include a Paul Hynes power supply for this DAC (please see the photos>). For the DAC and power supply I am asking Euro 1800.

Check the Altmann website to know that if you bought the above today you would pay around Euro 12,000 for the both! So get yourself a bargain. I am selling only because I have so many DACs and do not really need such high quality audiophile amps and dacs for the work I do. If you buy both then I am willing to sell at Euro 2500.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will ship world wide at the cost of the buyer, and I accept Paypal and Bank transfer as forms of payment.



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These are supposed to be exceptional devices. I must admit I am too baffled by (and attracted to) the apparent simplicity ever since the first model was developed. Even more by the statement of Charles that he charges 4500 Euro for reverting modified units to the original state :)

Can you describe the sound character of these devices ?
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Hi Jean-Paul, the only way I can describe the amp and DAC is that they have no sound of their own. What you hear is what you hear - the truth. I have tried numerous other amplifiers including Chord and Bryston (actually I sold my Chord SPM650 when I heard the BYOB amp), and nothing has 'no sound' like the Altmann BYOB. You can also 'hear the space' in a good recording, meaning it is clear and there is no underlying fill, no matter how subtle. The DAC is also very natural and if you have a bad recording you can hear all the faults (with the right speakers of course). What I should say is that they sound is better with both the DAC and AMP running on the 12 V battery. Unfortunately for me who sometimes works for 8 hours or more at a stretch, the battery soon runs down with both connected. That is why I used the Hynes power supply with the DAC so that the battery lasted longer (+- a week) only running the BYOB amp. I hope this clarifies and please feel free to check the web and comments from others on the amp and DAC.
I do mixing and mastering, and as I am using the Ampion AMP100 with the One18 speakers and a subwoofer (plus the Antelope Eclipse 384, Lavry, AVID OMNI or Apogee Symphony AD/DAs) most of the time I really cannot afford to have this DAC and AMP lying around. This is the reason why I eventually (and reluctantly) decided to put them up for sale. Obviously if no-one is willing to buy them then I will keep them for when I do mastering ... ;-)
i guess that everyone who knows the altmann audio history is a bit pissed off with this prices silliness on his website. i guess his products don't sell anymore so he decided to add a zero or two on each price, and carry on the ******** talk. which is a shame cause these are interesting products in many ways, with a specific sound philosophy behind. i too admire it, especially the DAC, i was user of both for many years but frankly for the prices that he asks these days, i wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.
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