Alternate Electrolytic Caps for SimpleSE (and others)

I am just starting out on my first SE amplifier build, and was collecting the parts. The Cornell Dublier 500V electrolytics in the 25x25mm case have apparently gone obsolete, but the 22x25mm case should work fine.

Check fitment on the PCB if you're using it, though. I'm wiring this one up to allow adding a second 12AT7 for experimentation in the future (once I get the basic design running...)

The new CD part numbers are "380LX470M500H012" for the 47uF, 500V part and "380LX121M500H012" for the 120uF, 500V part. Both are readily available.

And thanks to ALL for providing and filling this forum with the good ideas, helpful hints, and pics of your BEAUTIFUL amps!