Altec 515B: speaker enclosure


I have one Altec 515B that needs a speaker cabinet, the woofer will be matched with a 288 driver and a 1005 multicell:

I am very eager about this project, but a DIY project that incorporates the original A5 cabinet is not the way I want to go..

I was wondering if anyone had inputs on which way to go: traditional bassreflex, do fancy the Altec 612 cabinet proportions, but is an Onken design also a way to consider with the 515B?, how big volumes are we talking about : question concerns both the traditional bassreflex ( Altec 612 ), but will a Onken design for a 515 be bigger the 360L Onken?

The whole system is rated 20 ohms... the 515 first needs a recone, guessing there is no point in measuring ( Dayton DATS ) the woofer before that time...
Correct me if I’m wrong…, but I’m not sure not if the 515B, but also the 515 RWB, 20ohms version; that I eventually figured out that I had, is suitable for the Onken 360L, but I’m not sure, still figuring out how to recone my 515 RWB, will then measure the T/S parameters of the woofer, then get someone else to calculate an enclosure for me.

Looks like the 416B or similar Altec 12 inches are better matches with your Onkens….