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Altec 420A biflex -customized for Lampi OB

Pair of Altec 420A (Y) 15" alnico biflex drivers used in altec Santana and popularized by Lampizator in his monster P24 Project.( The designation Y comes from the version used with tweeters attached to the front basket which were removed) Like Lampizator I replaced aluminum dust caps with GPA (Great Plains Audio) sourced paper caps to tackle HF hash of aluminum dust caps. Since I don't have a room for big OB's (too narrow), I never built the speakers. I was holding on to drivers but even though they are becoming increasingly difficult to source they do pop up from time to time so there is no reason to keep them infinitely. I can send via cheap courier service to Eastern EU and most of the Western EU via Polamer shipping for ~$100. It will take 3-4 weeks and no tracking unfortunately.I will provide TS parameters . Drivers are in very good condition. $450


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