Altec 416 specs from Heathkit AS-101


2009-05-31 2:35 am
Hi. My Altec woofers had recently a re-reconing job (same cone but different suspension and spider. Long story...). The kit used is supposed to be the "usual one" for Altec according to the guy who did the job (he has a good reputation around here). I put over 100 hours of music (out of the cabinet at low level) before bringing them at Solen (Canada) where they've been tested. Some new T/S parameters seem a bit way out of the original:
(note: my cabinets are not the AS-101)

Fs: 26.92 Hz
Vas: 498 L
Re: 7.91 Ohms
Qms: 3.729
Qes: 0.533
Qts: 0.464
Mms: 72.73 g
Le: 1.47 mH

Maybe the break-in is not finished yet? What do you think?