Altec 416+605B


2004-09-08 12:53 pm

I have a pair of Altec 416A woofers and a pair of Altec 605B Duplex drivers.

I was thinking of using the 416 woofers in an Onken cabinet with the 605 on an open baffle above it.

The 416 would be run up to 200Hz,and the 605 from above 200Hz.

Is this a workable idea?



Paid Member
2004-10-07 6:05 am
Sure, it's workable. You just have to realize that the 605 on open baffle will have no bass. That may be just fine, as you will fill in below with the 416. Mostly, you will need to find the point where the 605 is rolling off on your chosen baffle, and fill in below that.

And don't forget that OB is often louder than a box. All that music coming off the back of the cone and splashing around the room. It's going to take some crossover work, for sure.


2007-03-02 8:04 pm
500 hz is still good cross point for altec 416a .As I type I listen to old crapola in 4.3 cu ft cab with some hole in it crossed something around 400-500 hz (4.7 mH and 20uF)12db and 6db (40uF) to edgar 340hz withjbl2440 and Tad et703 on top. Uhhh forbiden pleasures of rich ,sweet harmonics;) If you into OB you may look up Lampizator baffle with 15" altec 420-a