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Altec 1570B, checking for interest

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It's been a while since I've seen one sell. They were sort of hot for a while after the article featuring them came out. I think they peaked out near a grand when times weren't so lean. Seems we're a ways from those days sadly, yet the piece is
still a classic... so I guess I am willing to adjust downward significantly. Like my title indicates, I am really guaging interest. The only interest I have is
From one of tutay's pals and we haven't discussed price. I am a motivated seller though.

Hit me with some figures if you like. Maybe we can find a deal.
I am in the gulf coast area. Due to the weight of the item (approx 65 pounds iirc), my first wish would be to arrange a pickup or meeting within a certain radius type of deal. Being motivated however, I certainly am not going to rule out shipping. International would likely be frightfully expensive and I am not interested in circumventing duties by falsifying customs declarations. I have shipped a fair amount of audio but mostly guitar amps. The closest thing I have handled to this is a leslie amp or two. I have access to materials to pack but would be interested in some guidance on techniques that are known to work, building a crate, shipping tubes separately, not really sure.
Tubes get packed separately and in energy absorbing materials... polyester fiberfill is a good choice. Then into a box. That's for the 2 x 811a. The other tubes are more rugged. If you get the right box you can put it under the cage in the amp...

The unit if it has the cover and front panel(??) can be boxed with solid styrofoam sheets into a tight fitting cardboard box. I like to use "strapping tape" to reinforce. An extra layer of cardboard inside the box is not a bad idea. THEN this tight fitting box with the unit inside gets put into a larger box that is filled with styro shipping peanuts. The fill of the peanuts needs to be full - >3" all around is good... Now it can get thrown about without damaging the unit. Extra cardboard to stiffen the corners isn't a bid idea here either... this works.

I buy dead 1570b amps, if I can find them... :D


Oh, I have NEW exact replica (actually slightly better) unpainted ready for paint FRONT PANELs for the 1570!! PM me.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.