Alps pot - volume control Sansui BA5000


2010-02-20 2:03 pm
I have Sansui BA-5000 on the bench, begin with recaping/cleaning.
There are two volume controls, two Alps potentiometers.
It's possible to open a cover of pot, but thats all.
To dissasemble completely (and clean and realign/tighten contacts) spindle must be destroyed (look at photo).
And it seems a damage of plastic cover is almost necessary...

Anybody here with idea how to do it safely?
Or maybe where to find similar pot, I suppose best would be Alps.
I see there are RK27 Alps pots, but different dimension.

Pot is 3-pin 100kb (linear), measures: 40x37mm, 20mm deep, shaft = 6mm


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Just buy a Alps RK27 Clone off Ebay ~15$ delivered !
These are actually every bit as good as the Genuine Japanese ones.. which are no longer made Cuz they can't compete.
Will it be as good as your 40 More than likely ! given that yours is Messed.

If that doesn't appeal.. by a Cheap Chinese Stepped attenuator for ~25$ which WILL be better than a new rk40


2010-02-20 2:03 pm
I asked Percy Audio and got immediate answer.
Unfortunatelly, all RK40 are sold out, as well as TKD CP2511 are not in stock for another month or two.

Also, a bit problematic is shaft, must be long enough (c.20mm) to be able to use original knob...

"Bare", sure, I Will check for RK27 and attenuators too, to nail best possible solution:)

Thanks guys, to align me to the right track!