Alpine PDX class D for home audio use?


2008-01-15 12:50 pm

I have only been into car audio for 2 years now. I now have a Pioneer AVIC N3 navigation unit, alpine pdx-4.100 class D amp powering Polk Audio Signature Reference components. It sounds great. I am getting curious about home audio. Normal class D amps marketed for home audio use are a lot more expensive than for car audio. I was just wondering if I could use the alpine pdx series amplifiers for home audio use. I know my pdx has (2) 30 amp fuses on it. Does that mean i could power it using a 12-14V power supply capable of 60+ amps? Am I missing anything else?

Home Use

No, that's about it. I design car amps for TruTechnology and that's how we test them. With a big, 100 Amp regulated power supply. I have a 50Amp one at home.

If you get any hum, put a 12V rechargeable battery or a 1 Farad (or bigger) capacitor across the power source. Run the power supply leads to the cap or battery and then to the power amp.