Alpair 10p baffle step

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Baffle width would be your best bet if for no other reason than that enclosure resonances may not occupy the same band of frequencies you need boosted. It's also a better option since it reduces the uncertainty of room interaction felt below the baffle step.
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A wide baffle loudspeaker closer to a wall behind will have the wall seem to be abaffle extention.

Taken to extremes things like the angled vaersions of The Woden Hardwood series which are tuned to be paced against a wall.

This is mine (MAOP 7 pending). Not my room.


Yeah, if you can afford the floorspace, and don’t find the FXHL a daunting build, they definitely be on my short list, along with the Pensils, or perhaps whatever new fresh wonders can be found in Dr Scott’s collection of soggy cocktail napkin sketches.