Allow me to, ahem....introduce myself

I like dancing, love pets and long walks on the beach......... opps, wrong forum :angel:
I've made a few posts here and figure it's time I introduced myself. I'm Joe and I live and work near Gulf Shores , Alabama, US I am a pool operator at a resort- it don't pay well. My wife is from Newfoundland, Canada. We met on the net and she is great.
I've built many computers. Love video games. Love hot rods, especially my 94 Mustang Cobra. I hung out at the audio forum at and there learned about CarAudioForum. Posted there for a little while (hi Thylantr and Feandil) and heard about diyaudio there.
I love music and used to play alot of guitar. I am in the process of building my own speakers and plan to build my own chip amp soon. I am in awe at the knowlege base here, so many great minds. So many great craftsmen. I have alot to learn. I will contribute soon and untill then I will click on add banners.
It's sure nice to be here at diyaudio :smash: :smash: :smash:
squalor said:
My wife is from Newfoundland, Canada.

Hey Joe, yoo gots a newfie wife? 'ems real good. Now if only we could undersatand what they are saying. Apparently it's English ;)

building my own speakers [/B]

Excellent, what have you got in mind?

Oh, and it's about time you introduced yourself. ;)

Excellent, what have you got in mind?
Hi Cal, I'm building a Dallas horn.
My wife was sometimes hard to understand while we were chatting - those were just typed words. Now that I hear her tone of voice she makes herself very understood.
BTW, she says to you, " Kiss my Jigger" ! ...what's a jigger..?..


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Very nice horn. Be sure to take pics as you go along. Keep us updated.

Who the heck knows what a jigger is. I live about 6000 miles from Newfoundland. To me a jigger is something you measure a shot of liquor with. Darn Newfies gotta come up with their own lingo.

If she hasn't told you, the rest of Canada loves the Newfies...

...we're just not sure why ;)

Must be the screech. :drink: