surplus is going out of business by end of August 2023

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from their website

After 56 years supplying surplus and new electronic parts and supplies, we have decided to call it quits. We expect to close our doors before the end of August, 2023. Our warehouse still contains lots of material which we need to move. Take advantage of our final clearance sale. This is the time to get some real bargains.​

I bought some of these PP film caps for my DIY FE-22 at 2/$1:

Also bought the two versions of their 48V SMPS to try, but all those are probably gone by now.


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Thanks for heads up. Never heard of them. In LA. Bought some closeouts, including an isolation transformer that was zero balance on last spring. 100 MPS8599 for $8 that were $35/100 when Newark had the On ones. Some MJ2955; we'll see how good Iceo is @ 60v & where from.
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The peak must have been the 20th century. After RadioShack/Tandy closed
its door in 1999, then Circuit City, the writing has been on the wall.

In Australia, Dick Smith Electronics closed. These days Jaycar is little full of consumer electronics.

We just import and buy stuff manufactured by robots (mechanical or organic) in China, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.