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Alesis RA500 Power Amps x2

I have two Alesis RA500 power amps to sell. Both are in perfect condition and have really done very little work, just sat gathering a bit of dust (now wiped off!).

I have modified both amps to bypass the front gain controls using cryo and heat treated pure silver wire (if that sort of thing floats your boat), the channel matching is a bit better like this and imaging is improved. If you want the gain controls back I can re-connect them.

The amps have 150 watts per channel or can be set to mono-block mode with 500 watts each. The rear connectors are RCA, Jack (TRS) and XLR. Chunky binding posts for the speakers.

Don't let the low price fool you, the sound is superb. The build is too, actually! They are not just a brute force PA style amp. In fact I would describe them as a Bryston 3B-SST for the cost conscious (I have had active PMC speakers with Bryston amps). The mid is open and detailed and the top is clean and focused. The bass of course, is powerful and tight, what with that massive power supply and all those watts on tap. They are basically as close to a blameless power amp as you will likely find.

Now the good part - £85 each + P&P (£10 P&P each if your in the right area as I have a good courier deal for certain places, otherwise its UPS).

I'm in Gravesend, Kent, UK.