alesis M1 active Mk2 tweeter


2011-03-07 11:15 pm
One of my tweeters from the Alesis M1 Active MKII is almost gone, so I need a replacement.
This is the original:
Replacement Speakers Alesis Soft Dome Tweeter T-155

Browsing on the madisound tweeters section The Madisound Speaker Store I found a lot of options, but I really don't know what to choose. I have about 100$ to spend for two tweeters, can someone recommend me something. Thanks
Well, the signal has to go thru the active crossover stage, then the amplifier, so
you can't have a real control of the final sound, being it already processed.
So you can find the flaws of the original tweeter and go for a better one, if you can ...
Generally I see that the price follows also the Resonance frequency ( Fs), the lower , the pricey . The SB brand receives favourable comments, as many others..