Aleph30: Theory on C7

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This is probably a thread I shouldn't have started, because it could seem to be a bit silly for you.

I'm eager to know (learn) why there is a capacitor C7 in the design of Aleph 30. There is no equivalence in the Aleph 3 schematics ( see: Aleph 3 , Aleph 30 )

Would it hurt to (for whatever reason) exchange the .001 uF cap with a .010 uF cap? What would happen to the circuit. Where do I learn what will happen? Can I omit the cap if I'm in a hurry to get to know if my board works? Should I do as the grown up DIY:ers do; Drink a case of beer and forget about it 'till tomorrow.

The reason for me to start thinking on the subject is that I lacked the cap in my big box of crap and wandered off to a local supplier. When I got home this evening I found out that the guy at the counter must have made a mistake. I got 10 nF (.010 uF) caps instead. And since I was forced into thinking, I could just go ahead and learn something.

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Collector to Emitter


Thanks a lot!

So if I use my 0.01 cap, I just have to tweak my board a bit, so it goes between the collector and the emitter, right?

The word Miller Capacitance come to my head when talking about capacitance and collector-emitter. Am I totally wrong?

So the values are kind of rule of thumb, then? Something like a nice tool to have when building current sources?

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