Aleph3 biasing question

Aleph 3 with 4 output devices

I have four matched IRFP240s and planing to build SOZ but after considering the cost I have changed my mind to Aleph 3. Since the Aleph 3 using 8 output devices, is it possible to use 4 output devices? It seems I must change the source resistor, but with how much resistant value?

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2002-01-21 2:42 pm
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I would assume that you could make the Aleph 3 with half as many output devices. If you look at Mark's Aleph 4 at:

Mark's Aleph 4

He used half as many output devices as the design called for, due to a mistake in the service manual, and it works great for him.

I am not sure exactly what values that you would want to use for resistors, but I would imagine that you would use half the resistance.

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