Aleph/Zen/X series output devices.

Is there anyone here who has the knowlege and capability to do the proper matching of FET devices needed to match pairs for the Pass projects using the IRFP240? I'm trying to find one in my community now. There seems to be a lot of people who want to undertake these products, but don't have the capability to match these devices. Also please let me know if you are interested in aquiring these devices to build an amp. If enough of us get together we can buy bulk, and even if we pay someone to match these devices for us it could end up being a lot cheaper (since were able to use a higher percentage of the transistors, and were buying bulk) than trying to match them ourselves.

thanks for your imput.
Try the trading post area

As Grollins already said check out pass labs site, if you don't think you can handle matching devices from his instruction I would not attempt to build an amp. You do need to have a minimum of equipment.

Also passfan on this site just built a Pass A75 with IRFP240 and its compliment. I know he was offering them as a matched set for the output of the A75. This is a great project to start out with because it is so weel documented, and enough people have built it that there is enough help out there, including Nelson. This amp sounds great! If you are interested in these you could contact passfan at: [email protected] to see if he still has them.

Good Luck!