aleph-x versus other aleph's

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I’m sitting in front of the computer and dreaming about my not yet finished Aleph-x. Slowly I’m getting there. But as there are a lot of others who has built an Aleph-x and other DIY Aleph’s there must be a wealth of experience about different alephs sonic character.
Searching this board I could just find a few comments about the difference from people who has built or have heard them.

Please send me your sonic opinion/comment about alepth-x versus other alepth’s you actually have built or at least heard. Feel free to make any comment you like about them. I’m really curious.

I can only comment on the differences between my Aleph5 and my Aleph-X. The X has a bit more power (22V, 7.2A) than the 5 (31,5V /2.5A) but I don´t think this is so important.

The X is overal the better amp with more bass control, natural sounding mids, more detailed and natural sounding highs. It also shows a lot more of the recording venue (little echos bouncing of the walls etc.) and singers are more 3-dimensional (you can almost see them singing in front of you)

Going back to the 5 you don´t have the feeling that it is doing anything wrong or is leaving out things. It is just a bit more romantic sounding.

hello anders.a,

unfortunately, i never heard the aleph-x or any other aleph, but i knwo i dealer hwo sells the really "high-end", super-expensive audio stuff, he knows what he is talking about. i can't afford to buy his stuff, i am only a poor boy, but he is a nice person and i could hear a few diffrent speakers and amps.

once, as i showed him my diy-zen amp (that actually sounds pretty good with the boz as a pre... really), we where talking about the commercial pass stuff (not the diy-amps, he knows less about diy then i do), and he said that, summarized, the new alephs sound cleaner and can handle speakers better, that are not easy to drive, on the other hand, the old alephs sound more musical and "nicer".

pretty much what everybody else is saying.

he also said that, in his opinion, the old alephs do need a good pre to sound really good.

after all, i guess it depends on your speakers an what you like.

(i am sorry, my english is bad, i know.)

have a nice day
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.