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Aleph X Power buy?


Is the AlephX ready for prime time?

Against better judgement, are there people who would be interested in the following "power buy":

1) Aleph-X (Gray/Inlow version) Printed Circuit Boards - Professionally made (soldermask, silkscreen, heavy copper) ~ $50

2) Transformers (QTY 2 300VA? toroid, electrostatic shield) ~100
3) Power supply caps, rectifiers, inrush ~75

3) All semiconductors (matched 9610's, IRFP044, MPSA18) ~100

4) All diodes, resistors, caps ~40

5) Optionally - heat sinks ~125

If enough people are interested, I will get some real prices.

Full price would be around $500 plus shipping
I would hope to shave around $100 = 400.00

P.S. If this sounds too much like selling a kit, please flame away. I will retract the offer
I am currently testing a population of IRFP150's and should have several matched sets of 6 and a great many more matched sets of four. A set of 6 will output roughly the same power as 10 IRFP240's and have twice the junction tolerance. NP has used these and has driven them to 50W dissipation per device and not found any problems. If you take these extras off my hands I might even throw in some MPSA18's. Feel free to email me if you're interested.

I'd be interested in going in on / hosting a power buy on Conrad Engineering heatsinks from Australia. Maybe Plitron power trannies too. Trannies I'd be looking at are 225VA 12+12V from their standard line. I'd be interested in matched IRFP044 and IRF9610s too...

As far as PCBs go, I wouldn't mind, but I have some very specific requirements in mind for mine, including tight dimensional constraints and some tweaks I want to apply, most notably a variation of HarryHaller's FET/LM329/ZVP3310A current source for the diff pair in place of Grey's 9610 CCS. I'd also want to add a few empty component spaces for populating compensation caps if necessary. At this point, I'm planning to just skip the boards and just do P2P.
Aleph2 Group Buy

Hi Guys,

Brian and I are evaluating heat sinks from M&M Metals. Brian's new Aleph2 PCB layout is almost ready. Will get together a price list soon.

Best Regards,


Click the email button below to contact me

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Keep me in the loop...

Harvardian, keep me in the loop by clicking the email button below.

I will probably source own trannies and perhaps other parts, but boards and semiconductors I would love to have at the ready. And matched I might add! If you do large quantities then matching devices is within your power :).

Think ppl might like typical kit form for stuff hard to get - qty type stuff like boards. Heatsinks too maybe, which are hard to source in right size. Otherwise, most folks probably like to spec their own miscellany.


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