aleph s.e. pwr amp

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I just powered a mini A. What are we talking about..maybe 10 watts here? When I compare it to my Adcom 555, (a bass monster) and as long as levels are somewhat matched, the Aleph bass is just as good!..and everything else is better. I was listening to an old 'Boston' cd last light and I understood a word in the lyrics that I hadn't been able to make out in the past 20 years! It was like every detail made it thru.

Is it possible that people are coming to the 'lack of bass' conclusion because the alephs they are building generally have less power than the amps they are comparing them to? Lets face it, you're not gonna get thundrous bass with 30 watts on normal speakers. Maybe that's why the bigger alephs have 'better' bass... due to more power??

I recommend building an aleph. OH, as usual, the master is right :cool:, biamping would be key.

Lack of bass in Alephs?
First time I've heard that one.
Well, let's see, what can be done to the low end in an Aleph?
Nelson alluded to the size of the amp and to biamping. You can always increase the capacitance in the power supply, as many people think dynamics are important to low end. You can increase the negative feedback a bit; overall gain will suffer and the sound quality will arguably deteriorate through the mids and highs, but it's a possibility.
Also, make sure that you have a realistic idea about how much power it will take to reach whatever you regard as normal listening levels. If you run out of juice too soon, everything suffers, not just the low end.
There's always the rest of the system...the source(s), the preamp, the speakers, not to mention the room itself.
I just this past weekend--after literally years of begging--managed to convince a buddy to move his subwoofers off the front wall. He's always had a monster suck-out in the midbass, followed by a mountain, then a much more rapid rolloff than you would expect, given the quality of the stuff he has. It will come as no surprise to learn that his bass has evened out considerably--just from moving his speakers around in his listening room. Granted, he has a roomate who wants everything to look just-so, and he's had an uphill battle to convince the roomate. Still, it seems to have made a favorable impression, at least sonically. How it looks, I will leave to them to debate.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.