Aleph P microcontroller code

Hello everybody !

My first post in this forum, but I've been monitoring this section
for about 2 months now. My goals are building a stereo Aleph 5
with Aleph P preamp which I think should work nicely together.
Already I've learned a lot reading your posts and I thank you for the information. After studing the Aleph P service manual for some time the thing that I'm missing is the code for the 87C750/2
microcontroller, so before I begin knocking on the Pass's Labs door I thought of asking here.

Regards, Kovax

This is where charity ends and DIY begins... You just have to find your own solution for this one. Find a decent one chip computer (like the one mentioned in the service manual) or a PIC or... Then you write the code yourself and give it to us later. Thats how it works.

Unless someone else have done it for you. Asking Mr Pass for it is almost evil and cheap.

Good luck!