Aleph P current sources?

Simplified schematic - how will work?

Here is simplified schematics for Aleph P
with bipolar current sources.
I still didn't made it and I need your opinions.
Do you think this will work well?


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Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Your input source is going to see some DC, so you might
consider caps for that. Also, some nice caps across the
Zeners will take out some noise. Maybe a few hundred
ohms in series with the transistor bases to keep them
from loading down the reference when they saturate.
Peter Daniel said:
How would it affects the circuit if feedback resistors R11 and R14 would be removed? I mean, is there a way to get rid off the input coupling caps?;)

I would try connecting R11 *after* C2, and R14 *after* C3. That would give you AC feedback only, but I would expect the circuit to auto-equillibrate with the input gates drifting to ground. Mr. Pass?

Jan Didden