Aleph Mini with JFET input?


Is it possible to build an Aleph Mini with a JFET input?
I drew the attached diagram of an Aleph Mini, with the input stage of the Aleph J. Off course the 15 Volt of the Mini does not match with the 25 Volt of the Aleph J. Can someone help to determine the values of R1..8 , C1 and C5?
I want to drive my (almost) built horns with the Fostex FE206E.
Preamp is a zen balanced line stage.

I am looking forward to your reactions!
Thank you Jacco, this is only a little more complicated. I will build this on the board with the holes. It will take a while, because i have don't have much time and have to find the parts. The 2SJ109 is available at the audiofactory in Haarlem. (too bad the 2SK389 not for other projects)