Aleph J vs. Aleph Mini

I'm preparing to build my first Pass amp.

Has anyone out there built both the Mini and the J?

The amp will be driving a 2 way 8 ohm speaker with 90 db efficiency. I live in an apartment, so my power needs aren't great.

I'm planning on eventually building both.

The question is which one should come first? I have already built one chipamp and one discreet amp, so I don't feel too overwhelmed.

Opinions anyone?



2005-09-14 4:04 pm
i'd go for the J... can run it on the mini power supply, er mini aleph J. just jumper some of the 221's, 1k in place of the 221 to current source, 1k instead of the 392. twist legs on ztx550, twist legs on 2sj74's, the 4.75k to ground versus negative rail fine. throw 1uf poly cap in place of one of the 220's. I think 'freewheeling', leaving out the dc bias adjusting 68k, gave me hair over 1.5amp bias. think i also found 47k in the traditional spot on aleph boards yields around 1 amp bias, something like that cannot remember for sure.
works well.
IMO, the J more open detailed on the upper end.