aleph 5 or x

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Thinking of building my first amp and was trying to decide which i should build. The speakers i had planned to use them with are the statement monitors
I read on the htguide forum that pass amps do not like to drive 4ohm speakers, which these are, but I have also read on this forum that the aleph5's do a great job with this very speaker. I am trying to decide which poster is correct. Should i be looking at a different diy speaker that is an 8 ohm design or am I ok with what i have chosen? Aleph 5 ot X? From what i understand, the A5 would be an easier build? If you haven't already figured it out, I am a newb. Please don't ru for the hills!
The whole Statement series are well regarded. Build an appropriate amp.

The Aleph series can be biased higher for 4 ohm operation. The easiest way to do that is to double up the output devices. The heat sinking and power transformer rating need to be doubled as well. There will be a slight change in the character of the sound due to the total of the output devices' Gate capacitance increases, but it should work fine. You can lower the rail voltage a bit to reduce dissipation, but stay at least 20V.

The Aleph X in its many forms is not a good choice for a beginner.

BA2 or F5 (a very popular choice, although I haven't built it) are good options, especially since they can be built without modification.
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Between the two, you will find the Aleph easier to build, and
if this is your first, then I would do that.

But I don't think the choice of the Aleph 5 is a good one - to
drive the 5 ohms, I would build Aleph 2's and run them at
a lower voltage, say +/-30V or so and crank the bias up

Wow, never thought i would get an answer from the guru himself. Would i be better served looking for a speaker(diy) that would fit better with the amp options. For me, the amp is the centerpiece of the design and i am less concerned about the speakers. I know they are important, but i want to build out from all of your amps i hope to eventually build. BTW, my room is about 13 x 15. Everybody always asking about room size. Listen to everything musical! Sorry, just fishing in the smart pond for ideas.
Papa just gave you a good amp option to go with that speaker. Build an Aleph with 5-6 pairs of output devices and 30V rails will give you enough power to max out your woofers even at the system's 3.9 ohm minimum impedance.

You'll need enough heat sink to dissipate around 200-250W. Sounds like monoblocks in your future. In a relatively small room you can probably get away with slightly lower rail voltages, maybe 25V.
I have come along way from my initial post and after much reading I am now looking at building a metronome type enclosure using one of the Fostex or Alpair drivers. After reading most of the articles at pass DIY, it would seem that the ideal amp for these efficient systems would be the F1, or better yet the F1J. THe only problem is the pcb for this design. I have searched the forms to see if there is any sign of any extra boards, but they seemed to have dried up about mid year. What suggestions do any of you have. I would think a single custom PCB would be expensive assuming i could get necessary files to do so. Is it possible to straight wire this like some of the Gainclones or is this a ddangerous idea. Its a simple enough circuit. It would be nice to have something simple and refined like some of Peter Daniels gainclones or patek's.
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