Aleph 3 vs. Aleph 30

Has anyone hear heard both the Aleph 3 and Aleph 30? How do they compare sound wise? Is thier any signifigant difference in their build cost? Would one be a better project for a beginner? Since it's pure SE class A is the balanced Volksamp going to dissipate twice the energy of the Aleph 3 (similar to Zen vs. SOZen)?


The vast majority of the cost for a solid state amp is in the power supply and the heatsinks. If you can find stuff that will fit the bill on a surplus site somewhere, you'll save quite a bit of money, but finding the right stuff is a problem.
Frustration with finding large heatsinks for anything like a reasonable price led me to water cooling, which I detailed in another thread. If you've got a good source for surplus heatsinks, then you're in luck. Large transformers are somewhat easier to find, but bear in mind that somewhat is a relative term.
If you buy new, it will cost a great deal more money. How much is going to be highly variable, depending on where you buy the parts.
Having built a pair on Aleph 2s, and having (finally!) begun etching boards for a second pair (I have some experiments in mind that will require multiple channels, plus my system is quad-amped), I can vouch for the sound quality, with the caveat that they are 'warm' sounding. Depending on your personal preference, they may be just the ticket. I'm pretty fond of them, myself.
I'd like to thank Nelson for letting me/us 'borrow' his designs...