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What happens if you use IRF244, 250 ,150 OR 140.
They look very simular in the data sheets.
here in norway its more difficoult to find one electrnic supplyer that have all the parts you want for a projekt like this. for example can i use IRF 9510 insted of IRF9610?
Get my point. sorry for my bad english

Kim Arin


2001-07-31 12:48 pm
It's best to use the IRFP240 it's appropiate echivalent to the original used by Passlabs!
The problem is with the other that you mention is the Fet's high input capacitance,this should cause some problems in the high frequency region (like distortion)!I know from my experient's!

Here's what NP says about output transisitors:

The IRF244 is pretty much an IRF240. We
use it instead of the 240 because it has
standard TO-3 pin width, where the 240 in
a "to-3" case is nonstandard.

The to-3's are very difficult to get, but the
IRFP240 plastics work just fine.

I found it in this thread if you want to read it all..