Aleph 3 balanced input

I can't find any thread with Aleph 3 balanced input schematics. I believe that it have already been discussed, but still can I ask for help?

I need to get Aleph 3 working with balanced input. As I can't find a suggestion I made my try. Will these my schematics drive Aleph 3 with balanced input or some values should be changed?

I need not to loose its original gain of 20db or make sounding worse, in fact few additional db won't be a bad idea.


  • aleph3-30hybrid.gif
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I know about Aleph 30, but I'm not interested in one. I need schematic update for Aleph 3 for balanced input support.

I made my try in the earlier post by converting Aleph 30 schemes to almost Aleph 3, but I'm not sure how will that work with Aleph 3 :(

Could someone suggest something??