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Aleph 2 Boards Ordered

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Hello All,

I have ordered 50 Aleph driver boards using BrianGT's layout. Here is the pricing:

2 Boards - USD $45 including US/CA shipping

These will have silkscreen, solder mask, 2.5 Oz copper,
.093" thickness. This is a single sided board.

Output Boards are not ordered yet. If there is enough interest, the cost will be $45.00 for a set of four (six output devices).

The cost will be USD $85 for the complete set.

Shipping outside of US will add $5-$10.

Please reserve boards by email to dherman@ksaria.com
Payment can be by Paypal (dherman@ksaria.com, add 4%)
or by check/MO.
Dale Herman
44 Myrick Lane
Harvard, MA 01451

P.S. I also have some fets left if anyone is interested in them as well. I have decided not to buy any heat sinks. The price from M&M is pretty good, and they do not seem to want to make other extrusions. There is also not much quantity discount.

I would be willing to buy other components such as zeners, resistors, caps and such.
Will include Q package FREE

Hi Guys,

I don't want to be stuck with these boards, so I'll include a full set of semiconductors including:

6 IRF9610 - two pairs matched plus two for current source

10 Zener diodes

2 MPSA18

For anyone that has already ordered, I will include as well. If you don't need them, please indicate.

Best Regards,


P.S. The output boards will be cheaper than I thought, should be able to ship for $35/4
The way the output boards are set up, is a set of four good for two monoblocks?

At that price, I think I'll grab some of those too. I want the PCBs for four monoblocks. You have me down for two pairs of driver boards (under my assumed name of Mike Reda). Will I need two sets of four?


I will try to post some drawings of the output boards today. They will be just like the Wayne Sankey layout.

On each board, there is space for six mosfets, the six 1 Ohm resistors, and the gate drive resistors. You use flying leads to attach to the driver board.

These will NOT have soldermask and silkscreen. Don't really need and keeps costs much lower.

The board size is 1.6" X 8".

They will have 2.5 Oz copper. I have made the traces quite wide.

Output board layout

Sorry for the delay. Family illness. I will order these today if no one sees a problem.

Note, These will not have silkscreen and soldermask unless you want to spend the $$

They will be plated (not bare copper)



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Updated output board

Thanks to fcel (Roderick), I have updated the board for those that want to do an Aleph 5.
Basically, I added a second set of connection points, so that the board could be cut in half. Also, I have added labels (in bottom copper) for the connections to the driver boards.

By the way, I ordered the boards today with a two week turn.
I apologize for any delays that this causes. For those that ordered both driver and output, please contact me if you would like the driver boards ahead of the output boards. If you don't really need right away, I would rather wait (save on mailing costs). For anyone that ordered just the driver boards, I will send out as soon as they arrive (scheduled to ship from board vendor on 10/01).

Best Regards,



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Yes, I have driver boards and have the 9610's matched. 4 sets of boards have been shipped. I sent out those orders for people that didn't want output boards. Hopefully, those people will post impressions. The output boards are scheduled to ship tomorrow. I should get them by Tuesday or Wednesday. I promise to ship out by next Thursday.
Thanks for all of your patience. I know how hard it is to wait.

Best Regards,

Hi Guys,

Output boards have arrived.

Here are the shipments going out today. If you are not on the list, please let me know. Perhaps, I have not received payment?
If you reserved boards, drop me a line as to how you would like to pay. I would prefer Paypal, since it is faster. I'll pay half of the 4%.

Hope everyone enjoys their Alephs.

Harry Campbell III
Chris Cassell
Marco Ensing
Rich Talcott
Arne Karlsen
Wallace Chick
P.E. Dewdney
Mike Reda

Best Regards,

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