aleph 1.7??

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New here but not on DiyAudio. Have a question since here seem to be a lot of people with knowledge about aleph pre and other stuff.

I am owner of a Hiraga monster that need some care and rebuilding and I am about to build a 300 b SE and now I need a nice pre amp, what to choose??

Any sugestions?
start with your gain requirements. how many dBs? how adjustable? then add the input/output impedance requirements, PS voltage preference (if integrating it with an amp to share a PS), cost, and so on.

Aleph P is best used in a balanced application. It has easily adjustable gain within limits. It can drive virtually any load so it is often used in an unconventional setup with 1kOhm volume attenuator at its output. you can find everything about it in a couple of threads around this forum.

I also use a simple preamp designed by Juma around bf862 jfet (unbalanced, fixed gain about 8dB only, buffered output), There is also Juma's LSK preamp, also jfet based, SE, but with a lot more gain ~22dBs (I did not try that one though).

front end i.e. the gain stage of BA-3 amplifier can also be used as a preamp with a lot of swing. it is sort of a light version of the F5 amp. Good luck.
What preamp?

Thank you for your answer Koja and at the same time I say, I'm sorry.

I was in a hurry writing the question at work and should of cause have been a little more specific.

As I said, I have a Damn Good Amp 300B, single ended, on the work table and I hope to have it ready within a couple of months. I also have a Hiraga Monster amp that has been through some unkind hands and I want to rebuild the power supply since it is not even close to what it should be.
As you understand, power is not what I look for on the amp side but instead I look for musicality.
In fact I don't know how much gain I need in the preamp but I know that I want to have a dual mono construction. After reading Allen Wrights "Pre amp Cookbook" I have understood that within all higher fidelity we want to separate the channels totally.

That mean that I am looking for a dual mono set up with separate power supply for each channel and I can even go so far that I have separate power transformers for each channel.
From what I have been reading about Aleph 1.7 the original had such set up that is why I had it in mind when I wrote my question in the first place.
On the other hand as Koja mention, Jumas LSK have a lot of gain that could be benefitial in my case when I lack power on the amp side. Years ago when my DIY interest still was not developed and I started reading about my Monster I stumbled over the Kaneda preamp so that one has also been playing in my head.
I don't intend to build a sillions of preamps to try out and therefore I was turning to you here in the Pass Labs forum since I know that many of you have tons of experience on this matter.
Then the last part is that I am not working within electronics so ready made boards with BOM suit me fine, even better with a fairly good build guide also.

Hope that I can get little more response after elaborating my need.

Have noticed that Aleph 1.7 can be tricky to find boards if I want dual mono set up and I don't know if Jumas preamp still is available or I have to turn to Swap Meet and hope for luck. Such info would also be highly appreciated.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.