Aleph 0 with VOTT to replace Accuphase E-530

Hello everybody,

I am French and leaving in Germany. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of Aleph 0 in the neighborhood.

I am currently using an Accuphase E-530 classe A with VOTT.

I have two questions:

- Is this Aleph 0 going to be an upgrade (I am looking for quicker but I want to keep rich harmonics)
- Is this amplifier reliable? The pair I am looking for is in very good condition, but probably 15 years old...

Best regards to all,

can you try them in your place , prior to purchase ?

propose to seller to cover his time , in case that you change your mind

even if I'm doubting that possibility ;)

- yes , I think it's an upgrade
- Pa will tell , but 15 yrs is still young Aleph - if ventilated properly for all these years

however - new quality caps are always welcome