akai gx-636 help needed


2004-10-05 9:45 am
OK, my recently purchased akai gx-636 has arrived. Standard issues of counter belt and hardened pinch roller could be expected. I will not bother with the counter as it is so small that it is useless. On the other hand pinch roller is important and fortunately, new and better pinch rollers are available.

Now to the more serious problem:
the deck when paused/stopped after 20 to 30 min of forward playback switches itself into reverse. Especially annoying when recording as switching into reverse erases the other side of the tape. I have already cleaned switches with deoxit and no change. Temporary cure: switch off the power.

I was advised on tapeheads forum that some caps on MM54410P IC and possibly the IC itself are most likely to be responsible. Anything else?

The other problem is noise/small play in the reverse reel motor. Any suggestions as to what to pay attention when removing it for inspection? Hopefully lubrication would help to cure most of the noise. What else could be done?

Thank you,
PS I have noticed that akai gx-635, 636, 646 and 747 rarely show up in threads on various audio forums. Is it because these decks are so good or there are so few of them?