AK4499 / ES9038pro / Soekris DAM1021


2019-05-11 9:22 am
Hi everyone!

I have a PURIFI amp module with a SMPS3KA400 power supply.
Now looking for a DAC module that will be in the same box, close to the amp. No pre-amp. Use will be exclusively stereo and DAC-amp connection will be balanced.

I'm looking at various options:
* AK4499 mono
* AK4499 dual mono: the only way to get it I found is to disassemble a Gustard X26...
* ES9038PRO dual mono
* And SOEKRIS DAM1021. I'm very interested in the R-2R DAC design.

So, first little question is do you know of any dual mono ak4499 boards? (except the gustard x26). I've seen a thread regarding the design of such solution, still under construction as per my understanding.

Then, I would be very interested in your thoughts regarding those options I'm looking at. Regarding the DAM1021. How does it compare to the AK and the ES ?