Aiwa Mini System won't read CDs


2010-09-28 3:49 pm
Any suggestions would be welcome.

I have an AIWA NSX-340 which has a 3 CD changer. On loading it has a look at each disk in turn but they do not spin.

I've proved that no voltage is reaching the disk spinning motor. However the head motor works as of course does the loading / disk change.

I've been dealing with a failing head in another Sony system (see the ARCAM KSS240a thread) but in that unit the disk spun for a few seconds before getting the No Disk error.

Is this likely to be a laser problem (I think it may be the same KSS240a)? I am reluctant to try adjusting the laser current in case that is not the problem and I trash a good laser which I could use to properly fix the Sony.




Paid Member
2007-09-15 8:14 am
Very likely a laser problem... check the type as I thought these were a KSS210 variant.

The disc won't spin until the laser finds focus and the system control generates a "focus OK" signal to spin the disc. Troble with these Aiwa's is the player is at the top where all the dust rises too.