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Aikido Amp Parts (amp + custom PS)

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For Sale

Amp Components

* one set of 9-pin Rev A mono pcbs along with all of the documentation that came with them
* full complement of Kiwame and PRP resistors to configure the pcbs for use with the 6CG7 and 6H30 tubes - this config should also allow the use of 6DJ8's
* output caps included are Solen's which can be bypassed with included Auricaps - this amp was configured to drive high impedance headphones
* the electrolytic caps are blackgates
* 4 gold plated, pcb mount tube sockets
* amp tubes included are 2 pairs of 6H30s (one gold pin, one standard), I believe [6] 6CG7's in brand-matched pairs.

Most of the resistors and caps have been installed onto the PCBs and soldered using Cardas Quad Eutectic solder. Only the large film caps, tube sockets and a few misc. jumpers remain. I'll even throw in the Aikido stereo pcb that I have.

Parts cost of this portion, shoot, I don't remember at this point. The tubes alone are worth more than $100, the caps another $100 or so, the boards probably $50ish, and the resistors, sockets (I'll include both pcb and chassis mount options) are at least another $100 or more. Bottom line, I'd like to get $300 out of this portion of the sale. I think this is a pretty decent deal considering the number of vendors used to acquire these parts, the spares that you're getting and the fact that you could have completed amp PCBs in a matter of an hour or so.

Volume Control Options

Option #1: Elma stepped attenuator for $125 (it cost north of $200 to build).
Option #2: Alps RK40 (100k) $75
Option #3: nothing

Power Supply Components

This is perhaps what makes this deal special, I had a custom tube rectified power supply design done by a friend for this build. This is a one-off design specifically tailored to the Aikido that I was planning to build. The sale will include the schematic and all parts necessary to build this power supply which include [3] ASC film caps, a blackgate cap , the necessary Kiwame resistors (including ranges to adjust for final B+), teflon coated hookup wire, two Hammond transformers and a Hammond choke, and two rectifier tubes. I'll also toss in some terminal strips that I got to aid in the PTP wiring. These parts alone cost north of $300, probably way more than that if I think about it, which I'd rather NOT do at this point. This sale is hard enough without thinking about the bath that I'm taking on the parts. So let's price this portion at $200 and call it a day.

So your options go like this:

Amp parts only: $250
Amp + PS: $450
Amp + PS + Elma: $575
Amp + PS + Alps: $525

Here's a picture of all of the parts from way back.


I'll even eat the Paypal fees and 1/2 the shipping if someone buys the whole thing with one of the volume control options.

Please use email for communication (nate*maher*at*gmail*dot*com).

Thanks for looking,


The elma stepper has been sold.

Also, at the request of a potential buyer who has no gone missing I went back through and did a much more thorough analysis of what all these parts cost me. The short version of that story is that I mis-estimated the power supply parts cost and my initial estimate of those parts was too high. But on the flip side I under estimated the cost of the amp parts by more than enough to cover the difference. Basically the combined amp/PS parts cost that I have listed ($450) is easily $100 more than I have into this project.

That said, I'm still open to offers, although I'm not willing to hack all that much more out of the price considering the 20% discount that I'm already giving.

Thanks for looking,

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.