Affordable high power class D for current chassis?

I have an older PA amp thats having some issues that I'm trying to sort out. I'm pretty sure the power supply is okay - its a dual mono design and the power supply gives +/- 75 volts (its pretty heavy duty). Currently it uses a BJT design. I was looking around for some class D modules I might be able to drop in and reuse the chassis and power supply, and am interested in the Hypex 2000 watt units. Unfortunately, they're kinda pricey. Anybody know of anything that can make effective use of my beefy power supply and give me some high wattage amps that are reliable but also fairly inexpensive? I'm hoping to get between 400 and 2000 watts per channel.
this one can handle the supply

That might be the cheapest solution out there, but I would only recommend any of the Tripath TA010x module based amps as a last resort. They are inherently noisy and the modules themselves are very sensitive and tend to die for no good reason. If a FET gets blown for any reason, say goodbye to the module as well.

I have plenty of (bad) experience with these.