Advice sought on 3" driver for this enclosure

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I'm looking for a driver that will fit the hole in this enclosure. The inside measures 9.5 cm x 18cm x 20cm, or 3420 cm2, so I figure about 3 liters? with driver and port materials. The port tube is 1.25 inches diamter x 3 inches long.

The driver hole is 7.8 cm. So I can go up to that size. All I know of right now are the 3" Fostex drivers, the FE83E and the FF85K. I think these will fit with a little work as they only require a hole of 7.2 cm.

I want to use these eventually as surrounds in a home theater, so bass extension is not so important. I have four boxes built so far, and I wonder if I can improve on the Yamaha drivers in them now. Although they sound okay and will play into the low-80's, the midrange is lacking compared to my Fostex FE108's, and the tone is all wrong.

Thanks for any help or advice.



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Thanks Stocker,

I am only familier with Aurasound by name, and then only very little. I will look into them further.

If I'm reading the spec sheet correctly on AuraSound's web site, the hole required is 7.55 cm, which should work without too much trouble. They have a most impressive Xmax. The efficiency is not too good, though.

The price is within my budget (up to $30). How do they compare to Fostex's drivers, sound-wise? Brighter, mellower?

Yep, those pesky quandries. They pop up at the most inopportune times.

Further reading on the Aurasound driver, and based on what others are saying, makes me think it would work just fine. I can't be too picky, given I'm putting them into existing boxes.

Does anyone reading this think either Fostex 3" driver would work in these enclosures? I'm too ignorant still to interpret driver parameters for a given enclosure.

Okay, I downloaded WinISD and started playing around with it. It looks like the Aura NS3-193-8A is the only driver I have looked at that will work in this enclosure. Actually, the plot looks really flat down to 50Hz. According to the program, the Fostex's are completely unsuitable (which makes me want to buy one just to see what it sounds like :) )

Anyway, I'm going to order the Aura's and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

Thanks. I hope our paths cross some day. Mellow doesn't bother me too much.

Speaking of a 15K roll off. Some time ago, I downloaded the NCH tone generator in order to test speakers, room nodes, etc. Well, I found out that I can't hear anything above 13k. Zilch. Nada. Tested it on three different speakers, including the Fostex. I'm sure my age has something to do with it (pushing 50), but I was shocked. I didn't think it was that bad.

That's unfortunate. The theory is the "sensors" in our ears that react to high frequencies are nearer the entrance to the inner ear than the ones for low frequencies. As a result, they are stimulated by every sound and "wear out" before the low frequency "sensors". This is why nearly everyone suffers from high frequency loss as they get older. When you think about it, we live in a noisy world.
Taperwood said:
Anyway, I'm going to order the Aura's and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.


Glad to help... and with your hearing, it is probably all the fullrange you need! :xeye: It's been a while since I've had my hearing checked, but metalwork recently and Navy airplane engines back when, can't have been good for me

HUH? :eek: WHAT?
With me, it could have been a really bad ear infection when I was a child, or rock music when I was a teenager, or working around wood saws for 20 years (although I always wore ear protection then, and my hearing was tested every five years and tested fine for my age). Nothing I can do about it now. Otherwise, I hear just fine.

If you want to test your hearing acuity, the NCH tone generator is a great free program. Just hook up an amp to your computer. Although, on my computer, you can't actually install it but must right click on the NCH icon and use the "run as" command. If you do this, I think you will be surprised at just how high a 12-13k tone is.

Timn8ter said:
Maybe a little OT but I've noticed listeners commenting about a "bright" speaker thinking it's got a peak at 10k when it's actually 3k, still in the "mid-range". :)

Yup, that might have been me a year ago, but now that I know what a 10k tone sounds like, I hope I wouldn't make that mistake now. A 10K tone is painful to me at a volume above normal speech.

joensd said:
The Hi-Vi B3S could fit your enclosure as well. (sealed though)
It´ll have a slight bump that should sound alright for surrounds;
alternatively you could use a series cap to flatten it out and squeeze a tiny bit more bass out of it.


Thanks Jens. However, just this morning I ordered the Auras. I will keep these drivers in mind, though, as I may want to build more for friends, etc.

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