Advice on Tannoy 15 Dilemma

Brief History, skip to next paragraph for real question: I started a small business in a college town selling Tannoy and Klipsch in the 80s. Also worked in a stadium as tech director, lot of experience changing out old horn aluminum diaphrams :). Once I heard the Tannoy DCs I never looked back. My next company purchased a large order of Tannoys to open a dealership in the late 80s. Many boxes have come and gone (System 6/8/10, Ellipses, DMT10) but I have kept the CPA-15s to this day. I have them on monoblocks and have them as my main LR channels. I currently have a set of Arena Center Channels I have collected as my surrounds. I have purchased a used CPA-15 for my center channel. The box was not packed well and the main magnet assembly was cracked all around, common shipping failure. Crossover was also destroyed but I have a good one to replace it with from another CPA.

I am having trouble finding a 3836 driver. I can find a 3828 but I am concerned that it will color the mix. My preference is a 3836/3833 but what other good options would there be? Suggestions?