Advice on cap bypassing please.

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I am building an aleph 5 and being a newbie I am confused regarding the practice of bypassing capacitors that some members seem to favour.
I would like to know which caps should be bypassed in terms of priority and what values to use.I understand some people suggest bypassing the rectifier diodes as well. None of this seems to be mentioned by Nelson Pass in his articles.
I also see that members like to use exotic caps. I can probably get some Black Gate caps. however ther seem to be very many types and prices.Where should these be placed in preference-at the input?
Any help would be appreciated
Advice on cap bypassing please

Suggest you use the search function, there are plenty of threads on this rather than going over old ground,

But quickly, only the 220 uf in the front end of the Aleph need be of good quaility.

Parelling modest quality power filter caps with give good results and you can shunt then with a o.10 film cap if you want to get fancy.


Bypass capacitors

You can perfectly use a Blackgate 220 uF on the front end .That's what I did and it works perfectly well.

If you are particularly pointillous on the final result,bypass it with a 0.1 uF film cap.Then you should also think to bypass all electrolytics from the PSU with film caps.

Enjoy your hobby!
Is that why you can't stop laughing Harry? Nice job BTW.


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Yes, it's EAR damping material. I was scheptical about doing things like that before or didn't bother. However. since my system achieved certain level of resolution even the smallest change in materials used and the way they interact with each other makes a difference. I give one example.
My transport has a wooden side panels attached. I was recently playing with modifications on it and on the DAC so I took the panels off. After I was done and quite happy with the results I put the panels on and immediately didn't like something about the sound. It seemed like it was out of phase and not focused. I decided to take the panels off and everything came back to normal. Now I pay attention to everything. Not only to parts but also materials being used.
Having looked at all the relevant threads the conclusion is I think to use a good 220uf at the input and bypass the PS caps with film caps of a few uf. Somebody mentioned as a rule of thumb using 1/100 of the value. That means for a 47000uf cap a bypass of 470uf which seems a bit much. Others suggest something like 4.7uf. How critical is this ? Others like HH believe that caps must be all of good quality but I guess you have to draw some lines because cost is not always no object.
And finally what about resistors? How important is it to have good quality and where to put them in preference? The input again ? The signal path ? Everywhere? I see Audio Note offer Beyschlag at very reasonable prices and their own which are extremely expensive. Has anybody used them ?
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