Advice on building powered computer speakers

This is my first post, so please be gentle!:)

I'd like to build a pair of small speakers for use with the computer or to act as powered speakers for a walkman/discman, and would like some recommendations of existing projects worth trying.

Normally I'd choose small 2 way bookshelf type speakers with a cheap receiver, but, these would be for a gift and I'd like to build the speakers with the amp/preamp built in similar to store bought computer speakers.

The people I have in mind for the gift are those odd types that think more pieces of electronics are bad not good. :eek: Therefore, I'd like to build speakers that can 'plug and play.'

My budget is $100 to $150 for the drivers/crossover parts/amps.

I had originally thought that I'd be able to easily find little pre-made amps for mini-speakers much like there are pre-made amps for subwoofers, but I haven't been able to find them.

I'm an electronics newbie, so I don't think I would be capable of designing my own amps, so an easy to build kit or a pre-made amp is essential.

So, can you DIY gods out there please recommend:
- cool small speaker project
(with drivers/crossover design/cabinet design)
- ideas for adding an amp/preamp to the speakers a'la powered computer speakers

I'm hoping a pair of these DIY for $100-$150 should kill those ugly plastic monstrosities most people have attached to their PCs!

Thanks in advance!